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Friday Favorites - Last Minute Gift Guide!

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Happy Friday lovelies! Hope your week has been wonderful and that you're in the Christmas spirit and enjoying the season. If its been a long week (like mine!) Im hoping you have an amazing and restful weekend ahead :)

I have been thinking about all the people I still have on my list to get gifts for. If you're anything like me, you had every intention of getting gifts early this year. To be fair, I say this every year and somehow it still never happens. Somewhere around Thanksgiving week I think to myself its only Thanksgiving, I have plenty of time, right now we need to focus on mashed potatoes and deep frying the turkey-- yum! All of a sudden, it's the second week of December and you have no idea how Christmas is only 2 weeks away and you're still chipping away at your list.

Cue * p a n i c m o d e *

All I can say is, same girl, same!!

Well, fret not! Lovely & Dapper is here to help you with your last minute gifts for kiddos 5 and under that will get here IN TIME for Christmas morning. There may be wrapping still being done on the 24th but thats ok-- grab your favorite drink, turn on the Christmas music and wrap away-- you my friend just saved Christmas.

Last Minute Gifts for Kids Under 5

  1. Magna-tiles

If you don't already have these for your kids, they are an absolute must! I love these because they're great for several ages. As your kids grow so do their builds & structures so it takes quite some time to outgrow these.

2. Big Future Earth Tiles

If you prefer something easier on the eyes this is a great alternative to magna-tiles. Same concept but they're wood tiles instead of colorful plastic. Delivery & pick up options available at Pottery Barn.

3. The Original AirFort

I think it's safe to say that *most* kids love building forts. I love that its hours of fun that doesn't involve a screen of any kind and it really encourages and builds up their imaginative play. This fort provides just that without using any of your couch cushions, pillows and blankets. Its a mom and kid win-win situation. An added bonus is that it can be "built" in under a minute and stores pretty small.

4. Stomp Rocket

Stomp Rockets are a great S.T.E.M toy. It can be used all year long and its a fun learning experience for kids of all ages. The only down fall is it is an outdoor toy so depending on where you live you may not want to be outdoors during those really cold winter months. We still get bundled up and try it out even in the snow because its a great learning experience (ie- how does xyz weather affect my rocket?)

5. Kiwi Co. (or LoveEvery) Box Subscription

Another excellent option is a subscription box from Kiwi Co. (0-12Y) or LoveEvery (0-3Y)) They have monthly/BiMonthly crates that have age appropriate activities. Kiwi Co. combines science and art to make activity crates that are sure to stimulate your childs development and curiosity. LoveEvery is a Montessori, stage-based, play kit-- you get the right toys for the right stages of your babies life.

Last, but certainly not least (&my personal favorite!)

6. Experience Gifts

Lets be honest, our kids (and sometimes us too) have a lot of things. Things that take up space, create clutter and oftentimes are forgotten or just not used for one reason or another. The next time a grand parent or aunt/uncle asks what they should get your kiddos tell them to take them out on a special outing. Make it a family affair or let it be a one on one memory that your kids get to have with that person. Some ideas are-- movies, aquarium or zoo, rock climbing (age dependent), trampoline park, water park (indoor or outdoor), ice skating, art or cooking class, or even having a special meal together. Maybe it'll turn into a tradition or maybe it'll be a one time thing but I guarantee the memories will remain! <3

While online shopping is definitely the preferred method of shopping these days it does come with its own set of issues like shipping delays. One of the best ways to avoid that and to get your last minute gifts on time is by hitting up your local shops in your home town. Whether its a clothing store, local toy store or one of those catch all stores that have a little bit of everything. Hello gifts for friends, sister in law or hostess gifts-- all in one shot! As a small business owner, I can say with total confidence that shopping local/small means the WORLD to a small business owner. Shopping small also has its pros and cons and I'll be the first one to say it, the price tag can definitely be a point against small shops. While you're absolutely right that small businesses cannot compete price wise with big chains and departments stores, the reverse is also true about customer service. If you want a unique and personal customer service experience where you know that you're not just a number & that someone actually cares about you and your purchase-- small is the way to go!

If you're looking for some cute staple pieces for your little one this Christmas, don't hesitate to check out our online store here. Or, if you're one of those people that still likes in person shopping, come see us at Chelsea Piers CT for their Sip & Shop event on 12/15 from 5pm-8pm. It's going to be a wonderful event with tons of other local vendors for you to check out. We can't wait to connect with you!

As always stay lovely & stay dapper!

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