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Creating a Capsule Wardrobe for Your Toddler Can Simplify Your Life!

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Listen! As a mom to twin one year olds I’ll hop on any band wagon that’ll simplify my life!

So let’s be real for a second. We’ve all spent too much time and brain power trying to get our toddlers and small kids ready for a day out. I know a few of those times at my house have ended in stress, not finding pieces we were looking for in their overcrowded dresser, being late …and tears. Maybe theirs, maybe mine, I’ll never tell. Getting ready for school or day care or just an outing can be painstakingly difficult!

Well, I want to help you by letting you in on a little secret! You can simplify your life and your decision making by creating a capsule wardrobe for your kids. I know a lot of us have already tried that for ourselves and I’m here to tell you it works for the kiddos too! I mean, if there’s anyone who needs simplicity in their life it’s a toddler, no? Next in line is definitely the parent of a toddler! So, if you are in desperate need of simplifying your routine, avoiding tantrums, and saving some brain cells, this may be the solution for you!

What is a capsule wardrobe?

Simply put, a capsule wardrobe is a small collection of clothing consisting of versatile pieces in a harmonious color palette that coordinate well together! I.E. You can easily mix and match a number of your tops, bottoms, shoes, outerwear, etc. and create different outfits with some staple pieces

Benefits of Creating a Capsule wardrobe for your kids:

  • Shopping is easier

Less of the kids screaming inside Target for 2 hours ….need I say more??

  • Getting ready to go out is simplified

Since having twins I’m all about anything that simplifies my life and makes getting out of the house easier. Leaving the house already consists of remembering snacks and toys (which is the favorite this week again??) and diapers and activities. Not to mention your own phone, keys, purse and just wrangling everyone quickly enough to get them into the car is enough to make you want to run away.

  • Fewer things = fewer decisions

Decision fatigue is real and as a parent who is constantly making decisions for yourself and the tiny humans, its nice to know that clothing doesn’t have to be one of them.

  • Kids can choose their own outfits that will (almost) always coordinate

Feel confident you can allow your toddler to dress themselves and they won’t walk out of the house in head to toe highlighter green and fourteen different patterns and prints. It also helps build their confidence to allow them to make decisions for themselves.

  • You’ll likely spend less on clothes

I mean this one speaks for itself! You can consolidate your trips or online shopping to a couple of stores you really love, and create your base wardrobe. In the long run you will save money by purchasing good quality longer lasting items and you will avoid random and superfluous spending, here and there, on things that you end up not using very often. It also prevents you from over spending on things you don’t need when you are enticed by sales. That innocent extra $10, $15, $20 can really add up by the end of the month.

  • Fewer clothes= less laundry

If this doesn’t sell you nothing will! I can’t think of anything I despise more in my life than folding clothing! Actually, there is something I hate more than folding clothes.....folding TINY clothes #amiright? !! The washing and drying I’m pretty good about but when it comes to folding I would rather do just about anything else on the chore list.

How can I create a capsule wardrobe?

1. Do it right before sizes change or seasons change

I find that its best to create your capsule either when the seasons change or when they’re about to go up a size.

2. Buy everything in consolidated trips

Find 1-2 brands that fit your style, and your budget. Doing this will ensure consistent sizing and a harmonious color palette. And make a list of things you and the kiddos don’t like! For us it's anything that restricts movement, small head openings, sleepers with snaps, etc. Try to keep the shopping at your designated stores(this can mean online too) consolidated to 3 total trips or under.

Your capsule will be more cohesive and it can help deter you from impulse purchases after your capsule is complete.

Here’s a little bit of a shameless plug #sorrynotsorry 

When I created my online baby boutique I tried to stick to products and colors that would marry well together for this exact reason!(you can find that here: )

3. Start with the basics then add on

Here’s a standard kids capsule formula:

  • 6-8 basic tees (short and long sleeve)

  • 6-8 basic bottoms (we have a combo of denim and joggers/lightweight lounge pants)

  • 2 dressy outfits (dress or romper, button-down, dress slacks or shorts and a cardigan)

  • 7 onesies or undershirts

  • 3-4 pjs or sleepers (footie pajamas) depending on age

  • 4-5 shoes (1-2 pairs of “play in the dirt” sneakers, 1 pair of nicer sneakers, 1 pair of going out sandals or shoes)

  • 10 pairs of socks

  • 10 undies (if potty trained)

  • 1 pair of rain/snow boots

  • 1 winter coat (depending on location)

  • 2 light weight jackets (think windbreaker/zipper hoodie/denim jacket

  • 2 mittens/gloves, 1 beanie or snow hat, 2 scarves (one is bound to get lost or forgotten somewhere)

  • 1 pair of snow pants (depending on location)

  • 2 bathing suits and a sun hat

This part is really up to you to decide! You’re the boss, so keep in mind your lifestyle, favorite things to do, number of kids and ages ( twins and siblings close in age can share). On weekends do you go to church? You might need more dressy outfits. Are you outdoorsy and always hiking with the kids? Then maybe an extra pair of play in the dirt boots. Do you live by the beach? Then it makes sense to have an extra bathing suit. All of these things will help you determine if this list works for you, and you can tweak it accordingly.

5. Choose comfort, practicality and think complimentary

Toddlers and kids are constantly on the move. There is always wiggling to be had and jumping is crucial to their day to day! So you don’t want to choose clothing that is stiff and restricting. I like to stick to comfy jogger sets, (like this one here) that look trendy but allows them to still run jump and play to their hearts content. Kids also love picking out their outfits. It teaches them decision making and gives them a sense of confidence! Buying pieces that are complementary in color and style helps them to look put together even when they dress themselves!

Try to choose basics that mix and match well. An easy way to start your color palette is to choose their favorite color and add colors that are complimentary. A fun way to do to that is, they help you to create color palettes !

Another way to determine you color palette is picking one foundation outfit and choosing colors from that outfit to build on.


Here'd the deal, whether you’re downsizing, trying to live more sustainably or adapting a more minimalist lifestyle, or even if you live in a tiny apartment in NYC with limited closet space creating a capsule wardrobe for you and your kids can really be helpful! It’ll definitely help keep your space more organized, clutter free and you a little more sane!

Bonus tip!! If you aren’t quite ready to commit to getting rid of all the clothes yet, try packing and storing half of your kids current wardrobe (suit case or space saver bags are a great way) and leaving just the items from the list. Live this way for a couple of weeks and your day to day life will definitely show you exactly how much you actually need! You can then adjust the list according to your lifestyle!



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