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Valentine's Day *For Your Kiddos* <3

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Hey ya'll! Hope you're having a great Saturday so far! We're having ourselves a lazy Saturday on the couch complete with waffles for breakfast. As promised, we are continuing our Valentines Day series. If you missed last weeks read with classroom exchange ideas, you can read that here! This week it's all about your kids. Keep reading to see some fun ideas on how to celebrate the day of love with your little loves :)

  1. PYO Ceramics — There are so many amazing kits on amazon to choose from. Another great option is to go to a local pottery place and make an afternoon of it. They’ll get to choose from an array of pottery and you can both sit and paint and talk. Bonus is you’ll also support a local business in the process.

2. Themed books — Again, SO many options on amazon but if you’re not wanting to buy anything you can head over to your library and check out Valentines day or love themed books. This works for any holiday or season, really. You don’t even necessarily have to take the books home, you can just spend some time reading together or if you have older kids have them read to the younger ones. The best part is that this will really help instill a love of reading in your littles.

3. JellyCat stuffed animals — To say I am OBSESSED with Jellycat stuffies would be an understatement. They are so adorable, have so many options (animals, food, plants, the works!!) and the quality is just out of this world. I linked both amazon and the official JellyCat website.

4. Tangram Puzzle (There are different difficulties according to age) — These puzzles are so stimulating and loads of fun. You can do them with your kiddos or they can do it on their own. As they grow and develop their puzzles will also grow and evolve and it will continue to challenge them. Tons of options on amazon according to what age you need it for.

5. Kinetic Sand — Listen, I know some parents shy away from things like these because all they can think of is the mess. Hear me out! Let them make a mess, enjoy the process but also just prepare yourself mentally for it. Depending on how young you can do this inside a big plastic box to keep it contained or even on a dollar store shower curtain (which doubles as an arts and crafts mat). ****Remember to NEVER leave your littles unattended when it comes to sensory activities like these***

Thats all she wrote folks! Thank you for reading along. I hope you feel inspired to do something with your kiddos to celebrate this Valentines Day. Next week is the last week of Valentines Day content so stay tuned!! You won’t want to miss it :)

As always— Stay lovely & stay dapper!



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